Sunday, 14 July 2013

Social Media Update

Today is just a quick update on new things I have noticed for my blog and implemented straight away and seen what it looks like and how it might help my blog get more visitors and create an easier space for people to participate. One is about comments, the other is about embedding a nice widget for a separate page here on Blogspot blogger. The other is for Twitter extension where I have been invited to to network. The site is for startups. I will keep this very brief and have condensed it all down into bullet points and provided all the necessary links down below.

  • Google Comments - You can embed the code anywhere any your blogger site, in individual posts, it fits in any of the HTML embed slots and can alternatively be added to individual posts and pages. Which one do you think is the best please?
  • Rebel Mouse - Rebel Mouse is really neat so I have embedded the code into a page I just created here on Koylerfyre blogger Blogspot site. How do you use Rebel Mouse?
  • StarterPad - StarterPad is a new site for startups where you can network with people who specialise in certain services and want people to know about what they do. Its easy to create an account, easy to network and the best thing is you can throw in a link to your blog and your social media accounts, Twitter, Facebook, Linkd In etc.
Links (RebelMouse @kohlerfyre)

Other helpful things I have done today over on Twitter is login to Manage Flitter to unfollow a large number of people who are either inactive on their accounts or simply not following back.